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Google Search Console Updated With New Associations Page

Google Search Console Updated With New Associations Page

Google is updating Search Console with a new and enhanced Associations page.

Google Search Console has a new and enhanced Associations page which will carry over all existing associations.


An association refers to the connection between a Search console property and a property in another Google service, such as Analytics.

An example of the updated Asssociations page can be seen below:

Google Search Console Updated With New Associations Page

The updated Associations page, which is found within the settings menu of Search Console, supports the following association types:

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  • Google Analytics: View your Search Console data, such as organic search queries, in your Google Analytics property.
  • Google Ads: View the paid and organic report in Google Ads.
  • YouTube channel: Link your videos to your associated website.
  • Play Console app: Use App Indexing.
  • Actions Console project: Verify your brand and enable cross-platform functionality.
  • Chrome Web Store account: Publish apps and extensions to the Chrome Web Store on behalf of your site.

Starting today it’s possible to link Search Console domain properties to Google Analytics, which will provide better coverage of organic search results.

Google recommends using that option as it can help site owners get a more complete picture in the Search Console reports in Google Analytics.

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