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Top 7 Programming Languages to Learn in 2020

Top 7 Programming Languages to Learn in 2020

Since technology growth is extremely rapid learning a selected programing language for domain needs is mandatory. there are many programming languages out there to find out and master but all languages won’t be suitable for providing solutions for existing business problems. Since technology is changing rapidly we’d like to vary consistent with the technology. Our solution for an existing business problem should be optimistic and straightforward to implement. To provide a far better solution with good benefits we need to select a appropriate programming language which will handle the task in an efficient way.

In this article, I am going to give you the top 7 programming languages that should be considered while you want to learn a new programming language in 2020. I am going to consider this list based on the job market, community, the effectiveness of programming language, StackOverflow, and google trends.

1. Python

Source: google

Python is a general-purpose high level interpreted based language. which is created by Guido Van Rossum. It is one of the most popular languages in the market. The reason behind the popularity of python is that Due to the trending technologies like Machine Learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Backend Development, and the list goes on. The python can use in many domains to solve the business problems in a simple way. The reasons to be considered to learn this language are —

  1. Good Community Support.

This programming language is mainly used by Developers, Data Scientists, Researchers, Ethical hackers.

If you want to get start your career with Machine Learning, Data Science, Ethical Hacking, or Backend Development. You should definitely check out this programming language.

2. Javascript

Source: Google

Javascript is the most widely used programming language. It is the heart of the core web development. It is a High-level multi-paradigm programming language. Which is mostly used by the web developers. This programming language is getting huge popularity since the last decade because of its rapid development. It has a lot of frameworks that make the developer’s life lot easier those include Vue.js, React.js, Angular, node.js. The reasons to be considered to learn this language are —

  1. Good Job Market.

If you want to start your career in web development without any further due you should definitely check out this programming language.

3. Java

Source: google

Java is a general-purpose High-level Object Oriented programming language. It is one of the most famous and rocking programming languages for the past 15–20 years. It is used to develop Android Applications, Big data Applications, Server-side Applications, Embedded Applications, Enterprise level Applications, and many more scientific applications as well. It has a good memory management technique which helps the developers to make applications more efficient. The reasons to be considered to learn this language are —

  1. Good Job Market.

If you want to build a career in Big Data, Back end development. then you should definitely give a try for this language.

4. Swift

Source: Google

Swift is a general-purpose, High-level, Compiled based language developed by Apple.Inc. In 2014 Apple made swift has its official language to develop iOS, macOS, watchOS, applications. Until 2014 Objective-C is used to develop the applications on the Apple environment. But from 2014 onwards things are changed suddenly this makes this language more popular. It is one of the rapidly developing programming languages. Currently, it has the latest version of 5.2. The reasons to be considered to learn this language are —

  1. Official Language for Apple.

If you want to become an iOS developer then you should learn this language.

5. Dart

Source: Google

Dart is a compiler-based optimized programming language for developing applications for different environments. This language is used by the flutter framework which is developed by Google. Dart is also developed by google only. Flutter helps us to develop apps for Android, iOS, web, and Desktop with a single code base. This feature makes the flutter and dart more famous. Dart is used to developing better UI designs for applications in different environments. The reasons to be considered to learn this language are —

  1. Cross-platform support Language.

If you want to become an App developer. then you should definitely check out this language.

6. Kotlin

Source: google

Kotlin is a statically typed, general-purpose, cross-platform support programming language. It is developed by Google and made it as an official language for Android development. It also provides support for cross-platform compatibility. It is used to build cross-platform applications like Android, Desktop. The reasons to be considered to learn this language are —

  1. Good Job Market.

If you want to learn Android development as a beginner then I would recommend Kotlin rather than Java.

7. Golang

Source: Google

Golang is a statically typed, compiler-based programming language developed by Google. It has good support for package management. It is used to develop server-side applications. This language is also had good rapid growth in the market. The reasons to be considered to learn this language are—

  1. Rapid growth in the market.

If you want to become a backend developer then I would suggest going would be the better choice. In case you want to develop an enterprise or e-commerce level applications then I would suggest node.js (Javascript framework) would be a better choice.


I hope you got a clear idea about which programming language to pick up and learn in 2020. Based on your domain interest pick the appropriate language to learn and master it. Happy coding…!

I hope this helps you learn about various programming languages that are more popular in 2020.

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